Gta 4 gambling den

When you reach the shootout area, find cover and begin by taking out the shootist on the roof up ahead.When you reach the ambush, three Lost members are waiting there to help you.During a cutscene at the clubhouse, Stubbs claims that Billy is trying to pin the drug deal on Johnny and Angus, and hints that Johnny should eliminate him.Follow Billy into the clubhouse, and take cover behind the door.Take out the sniper on the roof ahead, and help Terry and Clay deal with the rest of the guards, using the vans as cover.Drive to the projects in North Algonquin, and go upstairs to find Ashley.Billy is in Grand Boulevard with Jason, and his position is highlighted on the radar by a yellow blip.

Then go to the building where the deal is taking place (Cayuga Avenue) and head up to the apartment on the third floor.Call Terry or Clay, and meet them next to the freeway where they have setup an ambush.The final cutscene provides a mini-tour of the Lost clubhouse, and shows you how to save your game.Initially there are five of them, but more soon arrive, followed by more on bikes.Stop in the yellow marker outside the airport and wait for the chopper to land - do not enter the runway area.Malc has a new connection who provides explosives, which Jim says could help put the Angels of Death out of business for a long time.

Take cover and use the grenade launcher to take out multiple enemies at once, then use the shotgun or any other available weapon to pick off remaining targets.Once you reach the bridge linking Dukes to Bohan, Roman exits the vehicle and attempts an escape.Billy is at the clubhouse talking to someone called Dave, who is supposedly a lawyer by day and a biker by night.When you reach the highway, more cop cars and a chopper arrive.Try to pick up some weapons along the way, to save you having to pay money for them later on.They have five bikes in total, with two shootists on each one.

Once the bikers are dead, Johnny automatically calls Billy, and Billy asks him to meet him in Algonquin.Approximately eight Triads stand in your way, with a few of them situated on the scaffolding ahead, and also one on the roof shooting down from above.

Once all the attackers have been eliminated, get on your bike (represented by a large green circle on the radar) and follow Billy back to the clubhouse.When you reach the top of the stairs, Ashley is in an apartment on the right hand side.Outside, there are two police cars and an armoured police van up ahead, with about six cops shooting at you.Terry and Clay (if you called them) will cover the rear exit of the house.Roman's Holiday - GTA 4:. The gambling den where Roman Bellic is holed up in is located all the way in Broker, your old stomping grounds if you're a.

It might be wise, therefore, to grab some armour before starting the mission.If not, use whichever weapon you have and pick off the targetsindividually.Two more cops are situated at the exit, and a whole bunch more are waiting outside.Fire a grenade (or two) inside, and then eliminate anyone who remains.After the cutscene, go to the location of the deal with the Uptown Riders.The initial cutscene shows Ray torturing Johnny and Jim in the basement of his restaurant in Little Italy.

Reverse out of the diner, and make your way back to the yard with the stolen vehicles.Go for his tires first, wait for him to slow down and then eliminate him.They split up shortly after the chase begins, so it may take a while to catch all of them.Walk to the yellow marker at the front of the building, and watch the cutscene that follows.

After the cutscene, lead the gang to the docks in Alderney, where Brian is presently situated.Find cover and begin taking out the cops that are closest to you.After the short cutscene, shoot one of the windows in the car showroom, so that Malc and DeSean can drive through and escape via the opposite side.Go to the North entrance of the Libertonian museum and meet Niko.Get close to them, and use the sawn-off shotgun to shoot them off the bikes before they can reach their destination.During a cutscene, Billy suggests that Johnny and Jim go in to do the deal, while he and Brian watch their backs.The Dinghy is a small boat which appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San.

If you smoke him out, three attackers will make their way to the front of the house, followed by Brian on a bike.Proceed towards the yard, and eliminate any remaining attackers.Proceed around to the back of the park, where more reinforcements arrive.After the cutscene, ride in formation with the rest of the crew to Acter Industrial Park, where the Angels of Death are waiting for you.

Once he gets back in the car, complete the journey to the warehouse and stop in the marker to finish the mission.This time there are even more Angels of Death waiting for you.Collect the health pack up ahead if you need it, and take cover behind the sink on which it is situated.Jim suggests using the brothers more to help out with business.