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Blue Eyes can now be killed by the weakest monsters in the game.

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Its the best card i have right now becuase i started a new game.His attack will be 3250, which should be enough to defeat anything.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses. have a saved file of Yu-Gi-OH!:The Duelists of the Roses on their. and a win also results in a slot machine.You may have to complete the game as both sides for these cards to appear.Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses Answers. Slot machine rear admiral cant find the. Where can I find cyber commander in yu-gi-oh duelists of the roses? Decks.Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses Super Cheats Forums. Awesome fusion lists. Machine + Beast = Dice Armadillo. 1650/1800.Note: Getting three of the same cards in the slots does not always guarantee the same outcome.Reincarnate any desired card, and if you did not like it, go to the main menu without saving your previous reincarnation.You can edit the terrain to make all of the summoning spaces around your opponent labyrinth.

Wait until Fab 1985 summons Dark Piercing Light on the field and either destroy it or wait until he uses the magic card.First, have as many of that monster in your deck, then kill every monster with that card.When a monster gets a Terrain Field boost, flip it face up and it is allowed to move two squares at a time.

Mirror wall, 3 Megamorphs, 2 or 3 Gate deegs, Maybe a Servant Of Catabolysm in your deck is a MUST HAVE for true domination.


Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist of the Roses Secrets FAQ Y Y U U GGGGGGG IIIII OOOOOOO H H !!!!! Y Y U U G. However, unlike the Dark Magician and Slot Machine,.Submitted by: Ryan Kerwell, noegin123, supa flame swordsman on Feb 24, 2010.Well I have found a solution to all of you who have asked the question How Do I get the other pieces.If you do not get this card for a deck leader, wait until Shadi puts it on the field and destroy it.Flip magician of faith, select change of heart, attack deckmaster.

Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Eternal Duelist Soul Violence is within human nature,. 03797883 Slot Machine. yugioh is awesome. Kirbyfan454.This decks is powerful because it is full of machines, includes Wasteland (powers up all machines and allows them to move two spaces), and the machines will never have an attack lower than 1500.Once that monster is on the field, go into the crush territory with your leader, play the Green Kappa face down until you are in striking range of his leader, and attack.Duelists of the Roses cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.

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Fab Lyrr will most likely start off by playing Riroku (power-up that uses half of your LP to power up his monster) and a Skull Knight or something similar with over 2000 ATK.This is very useful with Red Eyes, Blue Eyes and other cards that your have only one copy of.

CÓDIGOS DO YU-GI-OH! THE DUELISTS OF THE ROSES. Machine + Beast. Quando duelar com o último cara no yugi side,enfrente o Dark Elf e ganhe-o nos slots,.For example, win against Bones at Exeter and in the Graveyard Slots, get any Insect, Machine, and Zombie monster.Yu-Gi-Oh!: duelist. Vol. 7, Heavy metal raiders. but Keith's machine deck deals death with six-guns and slot machines. "The English Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist was.YU GI OH Duelist Of Roses:. pertama lawanlah tristan yang memiliki deck karbonala warrior. kemudian saat anda menang dapatkanlah 3 karbonala dalam slot machine.But always remember that you can only have 5 monsters on the field at any one time, so once you already have 2 Blue-Eyes Ultimates on the field make sure your Magicians of Faith are gone before you start reviving your Blue-Eyes.

Keep combining the cards that not listed in this tip until you get the ones needed.Use the following trick to multiply your good cards, get rare cards, and practice the Graveyards Slots.Do not use Just Desserts until your opponent has five cards on the field and you have Royal Decree on the field.NOw, if ur opponent does throwdown a card, and u have tactical warrior in ur hands, now is the time to use it. throw it face-down on the field.Slot Machine MRL-028 Non-Holo from Magic Ruler. Get Yu-Gi-Oh Cards Quick at YuGioh-Cards.Net. Slot Machine MRL-028 CM from Magic Ruler.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists Of The Roses Cheats For. Forbidden Memories over to a PlayStation 2 memory card. Insert it in slot 2. the slot machine will be there and you.Many of the monsters are Immortal Type (strong in crush territory) and very powerful in terms of their effects (Souleater is great).If you reincarnate Barrel Dragon, you will get three tough creatures or nice magics (for example, Sagna Of Thunder, Kazejin, Suijin, KaiserDragon, Harpies Pet Dragon, Skull Knight, Ryu-Ran, Coldwave, Solomans Lawbook, and Tremendous Fire).When using the Graveyard Slot Machine after you win a duel, get three cards in a line and get a slot rare.Continue this process for 5 matches, and then you can go to your deck and reincarnate cards.Your deck will be packed with insect and plant monsters such as two Hercules Beetles, a Kwagar Hercules, a Needle Worm, and a Great Mammoth Of Goldfine.Finally, you can still find our cheat database through the Archive.org's Wayback Machine if you're looking for something specific. Where Can You Find Us Now?.Defeat the Red-Eyes Black Dragon and get it in the Graveyard Slots.This strategy is effective against Grandpa if you want an Exodia deck.

YU GI OH Duelist Of Roses PS2:. trus min klo koleksi kartu kita ada batas maksimalnya ngga sih soalnya klo dpt dr slot machine dpt krtu yg udh di dpt mulu.The basic principle is to get your Blue-Eyes out first and fuse them with the ritual card.Put your name as PRINCE YUGI choose the deck leader as king tiger wanghu and join the white rose.

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Because he has the exact same deck as you, he will have the same deck leader.The Ancient Tree Of Enlightenment is better, because you can turn it off by switching to attack mode after you move (turn it back on at the beginning of your next turn before you move) in case you have trap cards such as Shadow Of Eyes, Mirror Wall, or Goblin Fan out.If you put your name as skyscraper you get a deck with birdface as leader.This is the best starter deck.

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